What is One Minute Coaching?

One Minute Coaching has its roots in the world of top sport. During a match a coach often has no more than a minute to give an athlete or a sport team a push in the right direction in order to achieve the goals.

This ‘time-out’ principle is a practical means for managers to influence the mindset of the employees and colleagues in the ‘here and now’. Not entering the content or reason of the issue, but just giving feedback on the actual situation is in many cases far more effective than a one hour conversation.

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Create a top sport mentality in the office

You don’t create a strong organization overnight. To achieve a stable and powerful company resilience is required. Resilience is essential to respond to all changes. One Minute Coaching trains managers and employees to create a mental resilience. Discover the training courses and workshops One Minute Coaching, Straight Talking and 60 Seconds to Impress.

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Customized training

We offer One Minute Coaching training in different forms. Do you want us to give your company a customized training? No problem!

One Minute Coaching training teaches the participants to coach each other and to give feedback in the moment. The Customer Care training (60 seconds to Impress) will give your employees tools to deal in a better way with customers. The Communication training for teams (Straight Talking) provides insights in improving communication, performance and cooperation in teams. All customized trainings are also available as in company trainings.

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Motivational speaker

Are you organizing a seminar or meeting? Book keynote speaker Victor Mion, founder of One Minute Coaching®, to warm up your audience. With his inspiring talk, he prepares everyone in the audience for an energetic, exciting and inspiring event.

Victor challenges your audience to not only listen, but to actively participate in the event. He creates the right mindset and vibe, and brings everyone in the right mood to experience the event to the fullest.

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Motivating employees timeconsuming? 

Not when you use One Minute Coaching!

How do you motivate in the moment? 

In 1 minute you will know the answer…

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