The power of one minute coaching

One Minute Coaching focuses on the mental resilience of people. Resilience is the capacity with which people are able to ‘leave behind’ the previous and focus on the

The ability of that resiliency is increased by making the distinction between the facts and mental states (also known as mindset). This makes prejudices in dealing with others over time less important. Also, egos become less important and people dare to look in a (laughing) mirror. Behavior becomes light and airy and influencing others playful and enjoyable. One Minute Coaching is always in the interest of the people themselves and their personal growth.

One Minute Coaching believes in the principle of ‘practice what you preach’. A good example often speaks to the imagination. This applies to our coaches and for the managers we train.


Our team

Our team believes in the basic principles of the One Minute Coaching and that the difference is made in living according to these principles. Annually, our trainers are being trained accordingly. It enables them to combine their individuality and personality with those principles.

Victor Mion

“The organization of the future revolves around resilient people. Mentally resilient people perform optimally under all circumstances.”

Right at the difficult moments in a game it is pleasant for each player to get feedback from an experienced coach. Founder of the One Minute Coach and trainer Victor Mion has his roots in the game of tennis. As a coach of professional tennis players, he managed to influence the state of mind of the players during the timeout. Thus, the One Minute Coach’s training© arise. Over the past 15 years, Victor has developed his experience in world of business. In 2011, his book One Minute Coaching was published. His second book titled ‘Performing with Pavlov’ was published in 2013.

Eugenie Mion-Van Gerwen

“It doesn’t matter how big your dreams are, you can achieve anything, just do it step by step.”

Eugenie Mion-van Gerwen is Applied Psychologist and Certified NLP Master. She got her experience by working for international companies. Through these contacts, she became aware of the power of optimally performing people. From her experience as an entrepreneur, trainer and coach she can leave people in their value, and keep a company healthy. At VM Corporation Eugenie is responsible for finance, strategy and marketing.

Anika van Dongen

“Nothing is what it seems, you can what you think you can.”

Anika lets managers and professionals reflect on their behaviour by her observations and by giving voice to the essence. She supports them with practical advice, coaching and training to achieve their goals. Her drive is to bring out the best in each other with communication and cooperation. Anika and Monique van Baar are co-owners of Human Pulse. They believe in the fact that people especially have added value if they are engaged, vital and work with pleasure. Spearheads include strengthening leadership, communication and cooperation, mobility and vitality.

Frits van Lingen

“To make use of your talent and power on your development means that change is a part of your daily activities.”

As a people-oriented change agent Frits van Lingen guides teams in a changing environment. He gained his experience as a change agent at major banks in turbulent times, besides this he also brings a good dose management experience along. In addition to his general MBA from the University of Nyenrode Frits has done an in-depth training Change Management at the University of Amsterdam (2014). As an experienced change agent, trainer and coach Frits can get people in motion to unleash their (untapped) talent and strength to contribute to the organizational goals.

Hugo Meijs

“Coaching honest professionals is a professional delight. I look forward to take you into the power of mental resilience.”

Hugo lets you discover what it means to influence others. He would like to contribute to your joy in working, effectiveness and teaches you learning how to learn in a familiar environment. He gained his experience as an actor, director and later as a coach and trainer. He has made a significant contribution to the One Minute Coaching theory to devise simulations so that during the training the mental resilience is experienced.
The One Minute Coach© actors are all trained by him. He is proud of the team challenged professionals, where he currently works with.

Jet Barendrecht

Since October 2014 Jet supports Victor and Eugenie in their daily work with great pleasure. Think of scheduling appointments and training, sending quotes, managing ‘You Learn’, our e-learning program, etc. A real busy body! Jet is a seasoned secretary; she likes to pick things up and she doesn’t take half measures. Jet likes a challenge. ‘Cannot’ does not fit into her repertoire and she gets a kick from making people happy. Jet is our pride and joy!

Karen Jansse

“What you give attention will grow. Focus on the qualities and focus on what is and not what isn’t. Give compliments and celebrate successes. That’s the basis for development and growth.”

Karen Jansse is customer contact specialist and One Minute Coach® trainer. She has extensive experience in change and improvement trajectories in commercial organizations. During these processes, she experienced every time that the state of mind of the people is the decisive factor in the development and success of an organization. She is therefore firmly convinced that coaching in this aspect is not only essential, but also the most effective.

Through her experience and conviction, she can coach and train people to get the best out of themselves and excel as a manager and service provider. So, they can lay the foundation for a successful organization.

Mark van Beek

“The mental state controls behaviour and what’s beautiful about this is, that you eventually can control this by yourself.”

Mark van Beek, 46 years and for 5 years a practice coach, of which the last three years as an independent entrepreneur. He earned his spurs as a Sales Manager in the FMCG market working for companies like Pepsico and Beiersdorf (Nivea).

“Awareness of your mental mood and the training of your mental resilience is vital to be successful. Our new world requires adaptability, flexibility and creativity”.

With his enthusiasm, professionalism and accessible way of training, he knows to challenge teams to step into ‘the green zone’ and to make the most of it. Mark uses the techniques of One Minute Coaching in his commercial training, so that account managers can invite the purchaser in a positive way to achieve an optimal cooperation.

Monique van Baar

“Fun, vitality and resilience contribute to successfully achieve your goals.”

As a consultant, coach and trainer Monique reinforces effectiveness, employability and vitality of managers and professionals in organizations. In 2002 she founded Human Impulse, which she now owns with Anika van Dongen. Monique previously worked as HR professional and manager in business services and healthcare. She gets her fun and energy out of her work by explaining events and enthuse people to target their actions, progress and development.

Kim Scheerder

“Get experienced by doing and undergoing. But also, surprise yourself and make use of the influence you can practise on another.”

Kim always has been interested in people and what drives them. Kim realized at a young age that she wanted to be an actress. She learned that acting has nothing to do with pretending. She discovered that an actor has the awareness of what moves a character. This made her perform better. Now after 20 years of acting Kim has shifted her focus towards teaching, mentoring and coaching. Besides this Kim gives acting lessons and workshops involving mental and physical consciousness. Since 2012 Kim joined VM Corporation to work as a training actress and since 2015 also as a One Minute Coach® trainer. Managing the mindset gave her in private and in work so much to hold on. Focus on what is in the here and now! Personal growth is so invaluable. It teaches you more and more what’s in your power. And if you’re in your power, you accomplish more.

Faizel Dostmohamed

“Your faith has to be greater than your fear.”

His whole life he has shown mental resilience, but was not aware of that. Faizel was also unaware that at a young age he was already busy coaching the ‘boyz’ from the ghetto. By using sport, he inspired the boys and he influenced their state of mind.
He has worked himself out of his disadvantaged position to become a professional in the financial world.
Also on his career path he has shown the mental resilience to get where he is today.
That is why for many years Faizel is frequently asked by the business community – as a role model – to coach, motivate and inspire the youth and young professionals. He is a living example of personal development and growth.
After his education at VM Corporation Faizel has become aware how to manage his state of mind. Faizel is now active as a One Minute Coach® Trainer. He wishes everyone the delight of achieving his or her personal development with One Minute Coaching.

Jan Rozendaal

“Are you customer-oriented all the time? That’s easier said than done. One Minute Coaching is a wonderful and valuable way of dealing with colleagues and clients, and to achieve the top sport mentality that we need to do our work good and passionately. Respect for colleagues, respect for the customer; both should dare to address to attitude, behaviour and commitment. To get the best out of yourself and the relationship with your customer. One Minute Coaching helps me to make teams more effective and more cooperative to work with more job satisfaction.”

Jan specializes in Customer Experience Management. He makes sure that people, resources, organization and processes work together to achieve the desired customer experience. He works from the conviction that customer experience determines the valuation of the organization. In the full width of the development of the strategy to the management of operational execution. He is a consultant, project and interim manager. He is a coach of teams and supervisors. With almost 40 years of experience in service, customer contact and contact centres. Jan Moves at the intersection of marketing, sales and customer support. No mysticism, he has a targeted approach to practical problems which present practicable solutions. Solutions that fit within the budget and the culture of the client’s organisation. John is enthusiastic and passionate at his job and like to transfer his knowledge.